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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  July 18, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> reporter: the layoff notices will go out the first week of august. it is unclear how many jobs will be cut in san jose. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. taking care of legal matters in san francisco is expected to take longer due to state budget cuts. the court said it is laying off 40% of its staff and closing 25 courtroom ast the end of september. the reason? the state budget cut a lot of money from the court system. >> the governor and the legislature have so brazenly used the judicial branch as their atm. >> it's not just the courts in san francisco suffering, coming up we will have a report from santa clara county for a look at another area's troubles. was a police brew tally or
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a justified killing? ktvu's david stevenson is here with a new audio recording that police say backs up their claim that the suspect fired first. >> reporter: new details about the officer involved shooting. they are calling it a case of police brootally. >> stand up and fight for human rights. >> reporter: a rally drew about 150 people. angry about the saturday afternoon shooting of a seattle parolee. >> we an independent fbi investigation of this homicide. >> reporter: investigators say 19-year-old kenneth harding fired upon two officers after running away on this muni platform. police say this show as pistol they believe was used by kevorkian. investigators recovered the weapon after it disappeared
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from the seen. >> i did not see a weapon period. i saw him running frahis life. >> witnesses did say they saw the flash, the suspect fired backwards that officers. >> reporter: police today said an audio recording of the shooting indicates kenneth harding fired the first shot. heard just after a car horn. >> reporter: kenneth harding is a person of interest in the slaying of tanaya gilbert of seattle. and was an parole for attempting to force a 14-year- old into prostitution. a town hall meeting is set for wednesday to quell community concerns this was an unprovoked shooting. >> i am sensitive to how the community feels. >> reporter: police say the man seen in this video took the
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pistol from the shooting scene. they recovered that but they say he also took shell casings and a cell phone. the grandmother indicated he moved to san francisco with his mother before he moved to seattle. right now police are looking ated to the meeting on wednesday. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. two people are dead and two wounded after a shooting this weekend. investigators say the violence may be part of a feud. ktvu's patty lee will explain how police plan to handle the increase in homicides. details ahead at 5:30. one day since casey anthony walked out of jail a free woman and that has many wondering where is she now. casey anthony was released yesterday. hours later a plane registered to one of casey anthony's attorneys took off from
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orlando. making four stops across the country before ending here in the bay area. it is unclear whether casey anthony was on the plane. her attorneys say a plan was made to protect casey anthony from people with the quote, lynch modmentality. new northern california twist in the casey anthony story. leonard pudia is suing casey anthony and jose baez. he claims he accepted their offer to search for caylee anthony and spent $200,000 on private investigators and security. he realizes now he was tricked into believing caylee anthony was missing with they knew she was already dead. >> he knew where the body was lulong and she was never was missing, lost. he conned us and did a good job. >> some are saying casey anthony's attorney could
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counter sue claiming he profited from the story. number of new develops in the phone hacking scandal. sean hoare was found dead in his home today. meanwhile there is more fall out from the hacking scandal. >> another police official is resigning in the wake of the scandal in which reporters are accused into hacking in to the cell phones of murder victims. >> it is with great regret that i make this decision after 30 years as a police officer. >> reporter: that comes one day after his boss resigned last night. both men say continuing on the job would be a distraction. also today the announcement of a government watch dog group to investigate police corruption. >> these allegations are not
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unfortunately the only recent examples of corruption in the police. >> reporter: and david cameron is feeling the political heat. he called an emergency session of parliament for wednesday and voiced support for the police investigation. >> the police must go wherever the evidence leads. >> reporter: the lawyer for the editor of nicole byrd called rebekah brooks' arrest outrageous but says she will testify tomorrow along with her former boss rupert murdoch and his son. >> she remains willing to attend and answer questions. >> that panel will be the first time they were questioned in public about the scandal. lawmakers hope to learn more. the california attorney general's office is reviewing the wording of a referendum
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that would repeal a law. kamala harris declineed to comment on the process when we spoke to her office today. her office has to okay the ballot and summary. amazon is backing a petition to get the issue on the ballot. it needs 500,000 voters signatures to qualify chairs of linked in dropped today. it had a public offering in may and traded as high -- today shares closed at $102. down $6. jp morgan said it felt the company was sound but the stock was overvalued. netflix stalks dropped $800 a share. they closed at $279 per share after the company created a
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firestorm by changing its price structure which will lead to higher rates for customers. and worries over debt in the united states and europe had investors pulling back today on wall street. the dow fell 94.57 points to 12,385.16. the nasdaq fell 24.69 points to 2,765.11. debate over the nation's finances is taking center stage thong campaign trail. rick santorum said the country is in need of a change. >> this president and all of those who have been in washington have broken the public trust. they have -- >> he said he would only support raising the debt ceiling if it included a constitutional amendment. a republican gay rights organization is seeking to meet with michele bachmann. the executive of gop proud said his group wants to discuss
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issues important to gay conservatives. michele bachmann's husband has been criticized for his work as a therapytist to crete homosexuals. more people are riding solo when it comes to their daily community. you can see a lot of cars there. carpooling has gone down over the past 30 years. it fell 4.9% over the past three decades. carpooling fell in san mushayo also. new metering lights in place on interstate 680. they were activated today. those lights will remain solid green this week but they will be functional next week. engineers are hoping the lights
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will reduce conjusttion. a driver trying to escape from police caused a mess in oakland today after his car slammed into a fence at 36 and west street. the building was not damaged butt as you saw the fence was destroyed. the driver was arrested and taken to the hospital. it's not clear why he was trying to get away. >> the giants are headed to the white house. they will visit with president obama one week from today to celebrate its world series championship. here in san francisco the sign says stop the violence but not everyone got the message. >> sunny skys and warmer temperature over the bay area today. a bigger warm up and when we finally will have 90 degrees
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back in the forecast.
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two teens accused of starting a fire that destroyed a school last july appeared in court this morning. the fire caused millions of dollars of damage. they are being charged as adults. they could face 10 years to life in prison if convicted. f hate crimes against the gay community are up compared to last year. ktvu's rob roth tells us what they think may byron reason for the increase. -- may be one reason for the increase. >> reporter: it is troubling here where you can see a sign in a window that says stop the violence. >> i think to have half a dozen reported to the police over a weekend causes concern.
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>> reporter: lee prosecutes hate crimes in san francisco. he says last month four people were beaten. >> both involved cases of great violence and a lot of homophobic comments. >> reporter: one attack happened here june 26 on the eve of the gay pride parade. the victim suffered a broken jaw and two days before that -- >> a conviction last week that involved a individual that assaulted a person who thought was gay. >> reporter: the assaults follow a recent study no one is celebrating. according to the organization incidents of hate violence in the bay area was up 65% in 2010 compared to the year before. >> there is a myth in san francisco that we are the accepting city, a save have the reality we have seen is that it's not true. >> reporter: the increase could
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be due to the down turn in the economy. >> what happens when groups of people get together they want to figure out who to target and that's the way the groups bond. >> reporter: here some say they never let their guard down. >> definitely. got to have one eye open. >> i could see how there might be a back lash by some. i think of san francisco as a safe city. >> reporter: officials say they are working with community groups on safety, reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. deputies think they may have one of the suspects who was robbing people. a teen has been arrested in connection with a series of robbers that plagued riders. the teen was arrested yesterday afternoon. officers say they believe he may be one of two suspects
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responsible for another robbery. there have been several attacks near the bus stop. >> twitter says its user set a new record for the number of tweets were second second -- second during the woman's world cup yesterday. that record was elements broken later in the day during another soccer match. twitter says usage has risen from 10 million tweets to 200 million now. the crew of samuel skiff bid farewell to the international space station as atlantis wraps up its final mission. >> that wake up call came from nasa's staff in houston and then they said good-bye to the space station naught naught. they presented with a american
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flag as the program comes to an end. >> its journey will not end there. its journey will continue. >> after that the hatch closed for the last time. it is set to return before 6:00 a.m. own thursday. coming up later we will hear from president obama on his vision for the u.s. space program and the goal he would like to set for u.s. naught naught. europeers -- for asrunots. how to getter understand the dimammock of a fire. researchers and fire officials used a burn to try to learn more about the impact of fire retardants, detection systems and how fire reacts to the climate changes. we are coming off a nice weekend and temperatures are going back to where they should be. >> they are creeping up. a pleasant day today. plenty of sunshine. beginning to see the clouds again along the coast line and
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they will be back tonight. right now sunny kwais and breezy. wind at 20 miles per hour around sfo. 18 in oakland. 17 san jose. from the northwest a breezy day around santa rosa where the winds are gusting to 20 miles per hour at times. temperatures, look at these numbers, 77 around palo alto. 76 san jose. these numbers from 5-10 degrees warmer than yesterday. 71 san francisco. 71 oakland right now. inland, upper 70s. concord, livermore and our north valley locations. looking at 73 in santa rosa. 74 for napa. this despite a system that is over northern california and bringing the possibility of rain. look at this over crescent city. this slides east by tomorrow that trough that was hanging
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off the coast will be out of our way and temperatures build. you can see it right there as it continues to move towards the east. we will continue to see the onshore breeze. we are expecting the clouds to be back. for tomorrow we will warm slightly but it's not till wednesday and thursday that we get that summer time heat. that high pressure and ridge over midamerica that has been burning them will expand our way a little bit and that drives the temperatures. tonight clouds roll back in 9:00 or so. more widespread over the north bay. tomorrow morning we have the clouds with us. by noon time backing up off the coast. sunny skys and the coast line should be partly cloudy for the afternoon. look at your temperatures expected overnight. mild. mostly cloudy in some areas. patchy fog possibility.
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58 for oakland. upper 50s hayward to fremont. along the coast low 50s. this is when we expect these numbers, as you start the morning you can expect this. we will show you the afternoon highes tomorrow, the heat up. finally getting back to where we should be. >> thank you. flu vaccine is about to hit pharmacies. the food and drug administration approved the vaccine because the same flu strains are circulating. it will be distributed throughout the u.s. the vaccine is recommended for everyone 6 months old and over. battle is expected at tonight's city counsel meeting, what a cheese company is doing to keep them away. and tense moments, what caused this gas leak that
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forced a number of evacuations. and nogreement on the nation's debt limit, what they are promising tonight and what the house will be voting on tomorrow.
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. cruise were busy repairing a gas leak that forces several people from their homes. that sound is the gas coming from the broken line.
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happened just after noon. you could smell gas a mile from the state. a construction crew hit a gas main. 7 homes were evacuations as a precaution. officials tell us repairs were finished before 3:00 this afternoon. raising the nation's debt limit. jay carney said president obama would veto a plan to raise the debt limit by $2.4 trillion while cutting medicare and social security. >> watt we are witnessing here with this measure is classic washington theater. this is a measure that is designed to dodge and dismantle. >> while leaving a road garden event president obama said progress is being made but he didn't take any questions from reporters. with the august 2 deadline
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approaching republicans are promising government default is not an option. >> if we are not able to come together, we think it's important that the country reassure the markets that default is not an option. >> his plan to give the president the power to raise the debt limit came under assault. the house is planning to vote tomorrow on the cut, cap and balance plan favored by tea party' backed house members. the sitsy counsel will consider noise complaints from a cheese maker. they won permission to expand their business which includes leasing space to a ice cream maker but some complained about early morning truck deliveries.
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they meet tonight to discuss the neighbors' appeal. stay with us, we have more news coming up. the daughter of a normer neutrophil star is a victim of the violence here. the new tactics designed to take on the problems. protesters demand changes at u.s. airways, that will bring justice for a man who was wearing saggy pants.
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. complete bay area news coverage continues, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. city has been seeing an improvement till recently. that city is close to matching
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its homicide rate from last year. ktvu's patty lee live where police are taking action over what they see as the cause for the violence. >> reporter: we managed to get a copy of the e-mail the police sent to leaders earlier today and in it he explains in detail how to deal with the recent shootings. >> reporter: in north richmond officers patrolled the neighborhood where three people were gunned down last night. two died on the sidewalk. including melanie williams. the daughter of former green bay packer travis williams. >> my friend is lying on the ground. one here, one there. the shooting may be connected to a shooting a half hour earlier. >> we seen a few. there wasn't any violence for a long period of people and now it's sparked again. >> reporter: the city was
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praised for getting their homicide rate down from 47 in 2009 to 21 in 2010. police are high hopes hopes for a program they plan to launch in two months. operation cease fire allows police to focus on known suspects and offer them the resources to change their lives. >> they are told if they continue the violence we will target them and their gangs. >> reporter: the chief's plan to stop the shootings include more work by people known in the community sharing information and resources with the sheriff's department and increasing patrols in hot spots to head off trouble. reporting live, patty lee, ktvu channel 2 news. court in san francisco heard arguments in the wrongful death lawsuit of a rap artist. police shot him three years ago after he stabbed two people and a police dog.
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family members filed a lawsuit against the city claiming police should have used less lethal means. a judge ruled in favor of the city finding officers used reasonable force. there is no word when they will issue the ruling. protesters set up camp in front of u.s. airways making specific demands. this follows the arrest of a college student who refused to pull up his sagging pants. we talked to that man today and she is here to tell us about the legal action he is taking. >> reporter: we spoke to that man just a couple of hours ago and he is filing a lawsuit against u.s. airways. he is supported by the naacp who was out here at the terminal demanding justice. >> what do you want? when do you want it? >> reporter: picketers chanted loudly in front of u.s.
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airways. >> pull up your corporate pants. they are sagging when it comes to the issue of justice. >> reporter: members of the naacp are demanding u.s. airways apologize to the man who was arrested after he ignored requests to pull up his pants. he says he did comply but his pants kept filing down. he is a student that university of new hampshire -- new mexico. >> i felt like i was being targeted. the naacp believes he was racially profiled. they want u.s. airways to review its policies and have its employees go through sensitivity training. a spokesman says, it's never
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been about race or dress code. some passengers at sfo who saw the protest agreed with the airline. >> somebody like that could create an unsafe environment on a plane if there is an emergency exit procedure. >> while he hopes for justice he is trying to focus on setting and playing in the football season. reporting live, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. a colorado woman is facing a sexual assault charge. thursday at phoenix airport, yukari miyamae started an argument after refusing to go through a screening. the tsa says she grabbed an agents breast. yukari miyamae spent a night in jail and it is possible she may have to register as a sex
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offender if she is convicted. new york senator said a letter to u.s. carriers asking them to refund fees if your bags don't arrive on time and passengers agree. >> we don't have much. every $25, $50 counts. >> he says if the airlines don't act on his request he plans to introduce legislation that would force them to do so. it takes effect next month. david putraish handed over command in afghanistan as troops for prepare to withdrawal. troops will be led by john allen. he is credited with creating operations and turning around a losing battle in iraq. he will begin his new job in washington in september. secretary of state hillary
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clinton arrive -- secretary of state hillary clinton arrived in india today. it comes a week after deadly bombing in mumbai. he is on the third lecof a 12 day tour. she has been to turkey and greece. if you are thinking about buying car, especially a small car, you may want to wait. plus medical marijuana workers are sending a message today. plus who may be a safer driver when it comes to kids, parents or grandparents. the answer just might surprise you.
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researchers at new york university says teens exposed to smoke are at a greater rate of hearing loss. scientists say the amount of hearing loss went up long with the level of chemicals from cigarettes. turning to developing news. the board of director for clorox is turning down a bid to buy the company. he offered $10.2 billion,
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paying 76 dollars and 50 per share but the ceo says his offer undervalues the company and is not credible or adequate. they are working on a measure to wart off another bid. nelson mandela supporters rallied today outside the san francisco federal building. the rally was called to focus attention on federal raids and criminal prosecutions in states like california that approved the medical use of marijuana. some said they were confused about a memo from the obama administration with a reminder marijuana is still illegal under federal law. >> we are wondering if we could get our meds, allowed to smoke our meds. >> according to one group the federal drug enforcement agency has a history of making large
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raids after it got its annual budget. gas prices around the nation are creeping up. that's true here in the bay area as we look at what is happening on interstate 80. a gallon is costing $3.89 in san francisco. that's up 2 cents from last week. oakland $3.80. fuel consumption is down 1.4% compared to last year. people are taking summer vacations but the trips are shorter. >> the cost of new and use cars are likely to drop this fall. they set record highs this year because of gas prices and a drop in production because of the earthquake and tsunami in japan. analysts at kelly blue book says the average cost of a new
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compax should fall to $19,300. used cars should drop to $9,600. parents might not be the safest person to drive their children. researchers determined that children were 1/3 less lakely to be engined in a car crash when their grandparents were behind the wheel. but many grandparents were unable to use a safety child sheet correctly. boomers list their top two concerns as cancer and memory loss but obesity should be the top worries. one third of baby boomers are considered obese. they don't get enough exercise
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to help them shed the extra pounds. how the largest court system will manage to keep its doors open. outside we are tracking the come back of mid-summer weather. what you can expect tomorrow and a sneak peek at the weekend coming up.
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. >> as we told you here, san francisco announced plans for major layoffs and courtroom closures today. but the largest court system says it's not going that far but there are issues.
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ktvu's maureen naylor reports on what is happening. >> reporter: this resident waited a half hour in line to file a order today. >> there is less clerks. you have to wait in line longer. a lot of times they are just pushing things threw. >> reporter: inside the courthouse stacks of files wait to be processed. the court says what used to take days now takes weeks. after a hundred jobs were eliminated in the last three years. radelay in processing a judgment means waiting months to recover. >> the quicker you are able to stand in line the more likely you will be successful. >> reporter: 16% of jobs are vacant and the department is slated $10 million in cuts. >> just for our county the hit
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is huge. the court is committed to keeping 89 courtrooms open and 850 employees working. >> we will ask the public to endure a high vacancy rate, which means a drop in services no matter how hard our employees work. >> reporter: one project in jeopardy is the family courthouse slated to begin construction in 2013. they hope the project is far enough along it can keep going. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. google seeing more female users. a third of google plus users are now female. that's a jump from estimates that puts female use at a 10th to a quarter. the numbers fall behind the percentages of users on other social networking websites. ktvu's usually h joins us
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with the story -- julie haener joins us with the stories at 6:00. one lawmaker is hoping the second time is the charm. the bill that pays for executives where students are being asked to pay more. 22 firefighters who lost their jobs to budget cuts gets a second chance. what they are going through right now before they return to duty. what employees are saying is about the 6500 jobs being cut at 6:00. campaign kicked off today to increase motorcycle safety. all state is a sponsor. new signs that say look twice. the reminder is important in our state since it is legal for motorcycles to go between cars that are stopped in traffic. >> a great example on why people need to look for the people who are driving
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motorcycles as opposed to what you think is regular attention. >> there were more than 1300 crashes in thebear area i-- in the bay area in 2009. 549 in alameda. and 421 in san francisco. 29 of those were fatalities. police are hoping surveillance video will help them catch three women who stole exotic reptiles. police security cameras caught two women stuffing three reb tiles into their purses while a teen distracted staffers. the women selected the more valuable reptiles worth $700 in all. >> she grabs it and she stuffs it in her purse. picks it up, puts it in her purse and walks straight out.
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>> the stolen pets include a bearded dragon lizzed and two russian tortoises. the owner is angry because he doesn't believe they know how to care for them. they will face felony charges if they are caught. back now to weather and chief meteorologist bill martin has the day off soirees marry is here to tell us about a warm up. >> this afternoon temperatures from 5-10 degrees warmer than where we sat yesterday. mostly sundayy skies although low clouds moving back in. look at these highs. 70s, 80s inland. 81 antioch. 84 livermore. 76 fremont. 74 haward. 79 redwood city. 60s long the coast.
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69 san francisco. 79 napa. this afternoon. this due to the trough, finally, finally beginning to move out ofory way. it -- out of our way. we saw a adjustment on sunday now we are watching it slowly, slowly work its way to the east. by tomorrow it will be east of our area. for today over northern california you can see light rain down to eureka. low clouds will be back today and tomorrow. temperatures will be slightly warmer. some of us along the coast may be cooler tomorrow. inland remains below normal for tuesday. but wednesday, thursday, inland areas into the 80s, even 90s. and we finally get back to the seasonal averages. tomorrow morning, a mild start. sitting in the 50s. we are expecting low clouds around the bay area. noon time burning off. partly cloudy skys for the
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afternoon and we are looking at mostly cloudy. 50s for the coast. 70s inland. lunchtime feels good. afternoon low 60s for the coast. and we are looking at temperatures in the low 80s out there for inland. afternoon highs today -- or tomorrow. 81 in sonoma. 84 concord. warm day in antioch, mid-80s. bay area again widespread 70s. 75 santa clara. long the peninsula 70 for san bruno. 60s san francisco. warmer tomorrow and wednesday, thursday, definitely a bigger warm up. more notable warm up. getting back to the seasonal averages. friday, saturday we cool a little and then bounce back on sunday. getting back to the summer-like weather. low 90s for most of the
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locations. >> thank you. it was a record weekend for "harry potter." "harry potter and the deathly hallows: part two" $169 million. that's just in the united states. world wide it is approaching half a billion dollars in tickets sales. if you add up ticket sales for the rest of the top 5 this weekend and double their totals, it's still not even close to what "harry potter" made. a space hero is celebrating a milestone today. let's shoot to send somebody to mars. >> president obama weighs in on the future of america's space program.
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. former astronaut turned 90 years today. he made history as the first american to orbit the earth and he is the oldest person to splay to space in 1988. he retired from the senate in 1999. the final u.s. space shuttle mission is almost complete. they are planning to touchdown
5:56 pm
thursday morning. in an interview president obama insists that man space travel will continue. >> the challenge on nasa has less to do with budget and has more to do with vision. you know, unfortunately what we did not do was to put in place plans 5, 10 years ago for what would replace the shuttle. >> the president wants to see nasa develop a larger rocket to send americans deep into space. >> letters go to the next big thing. let's shoot to send somebody to mars. >> till the u.s. does design and build a new vehicle the u.s. will pay russia to carry astronauts. nasa is in talks about using commercial rock toots play to the international space station. coming up in 90 seconds.
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students are paying more money while administrators are making more money. and first there was this youtube video, the moments after police shot and killed a parolee from seattle, now police have their own tape of what happened. her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure.
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your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. hey parents, it's going to be a see, i'm not just teaching woodwinds and strings. i'm teaching attitude! if your kids want to sound cool, they have to look cool! so, here's what they'll need: denim, graphic tees, leggings and tunics, more denim, backpacks, headphones, hair gel, denim, converse one star shoes, denim, shaun white hoodies and denim. school takes a lot. target has it all.
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complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. good evening i am julie haener. >> i am frank somerville. a protest in the streets as a community protested the shooting of a parolee who police say may be connected to a killing in seattle. >> david stevenson is here with new evidence police released today. four investigations have been launched into this officer involved shooting and now protesters are asking the fbi to step in as the police made their case public. >> they were not wounded. nobody was wounded but the young man. >> reporter: 150 protesters this afternoon called for an independent investigation into saturday's


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